Our Mission

At LabGems, we aspire to sell timeless lab-grown diamonds and provide the industry the path to a sustainable future. Our craftsmanship introduces a new dimension to luxury goods while maintaining high standards of ethical sourcing. LabGems aims to educate future generations of the new industry standard and strive away from traditional mining practices.


We only sell type IIa. These diamonds have no nitrogen or boron impurities, and are the purest kind. Our cutting edge technology assures stones of the highest quality. We have created a fierce label at the core that embodies the sophisticated allure of solitaires at accessible price points.


The mined diamond industry is tarnished with wars, human rights violations and severe damage to our environment. Our diamonds are grown in a lab, thus are ethically flawless. We maintain high standards of ethical sourcing to encourage the new industry standard and strive away from traditional mining practices.


Diamond mining has caused detrimental effects on the environment such as soil erosion, deforestation and forced local communities to relocate. At LabGems, we remain committed to bridging the gap between luxury and sustainability. By growing diamonds in a lab instead, we save the Earth.

It’s Time for a Change…

For thousands of years, mining diamonds has caused detrimental effects on the environment. Now it’s time to change to more sustainable options. At LabGems, we have recreated the miracle of nature using modern technology, and unlocked nature’s secret recipe for growing diamonds. We are now able to replicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop, making our diamonds chemically and physically identical to mined diamonds. The shortened supply chain allows for a 60% reduction in price. We call this miracle affordable luxury in its purest form. Join us in this revolution and make a difference in the diamond industry.

From Antwerp, With Love

Our story started in the heart of the diamond industry, Antwerp, Belgium. Aging back to the 15th century, the city of Antwerp has been home to nobles and royalty with a strong passion for
diamonds. Today, the city thrives on its lab-grown diamond trade and has gained worldwide recognition for it.

We Create Better

LabGems embraces the heritage of natural diamonds, but modernises the industry with a lab-grown offering. In a bold move away from the traditional mining of diamonds, we are steering away from the questionable ethics of the diamond industry. We have created a fierce label at the core that embodies the sophisticated allure of solitaires at accessible price points. We are setting long-term goals to change the diamond industry for the better but we cannot do this alone. Together with our community we strive to educate and inspire each other to create a better future.

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Our Story - Send Us Your Company Information!

Our Story begins with a humble beginning. It was the seed of an idea, planted with the hope of growing into a thriving business. We firmly believe in nurturing relationships and the power of collaboration. As we unfold Our Story, we invite you to send us your company information and become part of our organic growth.

But Our Story is more than just a business journey. It's learning from failures, celebrating success, and constantly innovating. Our story is interspersed with milestones that we're proud of, and learning experiences that made us stronger and better. With us, your company becomes not just a partner, but an integral part of this story.

So here's to sharing, growing, and writing a new chapter in Our Story together. Because we believe that our collective success is the pinnacle of a great business story. Send us your company information and let's create a powerful and inspiring narrative together.

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